One Year in Boston

14 Jun, 2017

The arrow in the photo above points to a zinnia that grew from a seed. It's not a weed standing tall in defiance.

I bring up weeds because 1) holy crap, they're persistent, and 2) I'm just learning to garden, so I have to be careful during manic search and destroy missions to...

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Mourning Hours of November 9, 2016

09 Nov, 2016

Our small group went to the corner store to pick up provisions for Election Night. One of them was a bottle of champagne because we were sure there would be the fantastic news that the USA had elected its first woman president.

The party was over by midnight.

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10 Oct, 2016

I don't know who this guy is, but he has the right idea! After spending months sweating over the development of this portfolio site, I'm about to run out and buy a mullet wig, beard weave, and some champs to party.

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